About Us

CSA-Brown is a combined company of The Brown Agency, Account Services LLC, and Collection Service Agency.

The Brown Agency was founded in 1988 for the purpose of maximizing the collection of bad debt accounts.  Our experience and management’s hands on approach provides us a clear understanding of how to produce results.  The agency’s management team is responsible for all phases of the accounting function.  The emphasis then and now is focused on cash flow; Because of specialized training, we are able to streamline and integrate their clients office functions with those of the Brown agency.

CSA-Brown is a member of the American Collectors Association (ACA).  This Association was developed over 50 years ago to provide education and improve the quality of service in our industry. It is the premiere source in providing on-going training and education. We have developed a comprehensive training program in which we utilize many of the ACA publications, tapes, and other types of training material.

Our Agency knows that being a good partner means having the ability to customize any approach to produce maximum results and provide quality assurance to meet your specific needs.