Board Certified Attorney ApprovalOur collection services are customizable solutions designed to help improve your debt recovery rates and enhance your balance sheet while maintaining your valued customer relationships. Our infrastructure and call center collection staff can rapidly respond to any of your collection requirements. What distinguishes our agency is our primary focus on direct-debtor communications. As expected, we generate the required mailings along with additional correspondences that are all FDCPA, HIPAA and CRA compliant and correctly explain our client’s rights as well as the debtor’s obligation. All letters are approved by a board certified attorney. Follow-up calls by a collection specialist implementing our collection techniques, maximize the successful recovery of client accounts. We do not believe letters alone or the small percentage of calls that trickle in from those mailings is the most efficient means to provide our clients with a maximum return. This distinctive direct-debtor communication by our staffs, who are acutely aware of the appropriate laws and continually tutored in our techniques of promoting professional communicative skills, is what makes the difference in recovering the funds owed.

Successful recovery techniques make debtors want to resolve their outstanding accounts. Our recovery techniques achieve this objective, an objective which benefits our clients. We offer electronic transfer of accounts as well as remote access which will allow you to view the accounts turned over and the transactions posted on the accounts. Our mailing service automatically checks for change of addresses and routes them accordingly. It also checks and stops notices from delivery to bankrupt consumers. We have advanced online and batch skip-tracing vendors capable of locating almost anyone in the U.S. Our computerized debt recovery system improves our communicative efforts with clients and debtors.Communicating With Clients Accounts can be retrieved instantly with full histories of collection activity and detailed personal information. Additionally, through the extraction of such data, we can provide you with monthly trust statements, active account statements, collections audit reports, new account acknowledgments, and account inventory reports. Our phone system capability, including a state of-the-art predictive dialer allows our collection specialists to work a high volume of accounts each day. We accept major credit cards at no additional cost to you, take consumer checks over the phone; we even offer cash payments at hundreds of locations across the country through MoneyGram.

State of the Art.We have integrated the most advanced collection software with a state of the art computer network that allows us to customize and prioritize every client’s accounts according to their individual needs. In the many years we have been servicing our client’s accounts, our recovery process has evolved into one of the most sophisticated, efficient and effective methods of recovering your valuable receivables. With a complete client services program to provide reports and statements on a monthly basis and our highly trained collection staff, you have partnered with the best in the industry for bad debt recovery for your slow pay or no pay patients or customers.

References can be provided that will attest to our financial strength and ability to handle all your receivables. Our competitive rate structure includes all that you would expect from a full service collection agency. Our rates are commission only; if the consumer does not pay there is no charge for our service. Each and every account you place with us will be handled by trained professionals to ensure the highest possible return.