Why CSABrown?

Customer SatisfactionOur Service Model is devoted to our clients’ overall satisfaction.  Our vision is to limit your losses by non-paying debtors and retrieve the monies which is rightfully yours.  Our business objective takes into account many years of experience developed by working with different organizations.  We draw from a history of success that comes only from utilizing practical experience and collection skills developed throughout the years.

Collection WorksOur Client Accounting System is maintained on a software package called “Collection Works”, which we have personally helped develop.  Our system stays in-house on a server, where it can be updated and maintained at all times; It allows us the ability to communicate directly with our client data base through a communications link.  The collection software is fully computerized which provides unmatched collection opportunities.  We also provide 5 different payment options via mail, direct payment, virtual checks, credit cards and walk-in customers.

Our people are client oriented.  We take into consideration the attitudes of our operators.  Proper training, temperament and thorough communications set our staff apart from the competition.  We realize our personnel provide the greatest impact influencing payment.  Maintaining relationships is a skill we utilize to the benefit of our service partners.  We provide an array of collection techniques which emphasize on quality as our primary objective.  An added benefit is the different approaches we offer debtors as a means to take care of their responsibilities.

Our Capability to draw from many features of collections provides enhanced returns from our efforts.  Our systems provide the following support:  multiple accounting matching, alpha-social-referencing searches, collector production reports, automatic display of accounts, customized notices & letters, and collector control reports.

Time is moneyOur Process provides data elements which expedite the collection process.  Our software automatically feeds account information to our operators on a timely basis.  The collector performs searches and matches accounts from a work screen from multiple opportunities.  By doing this, we are able to eliminate unnecessary paper and countless hours of filing which improves the amount of time spent on the objective at hand: debtor contact and payment resolution.