The Brown Agency understands the sensitive nature of our business, and has a strict policy for confidentiality of all client and customer data.  No visitors are allowed on the collection floor, and all telephone calls are subject to monitoring.  We acknowledge that certain information that would be provided by our clients, its agents, or employees, including the names, addresses, account numbers, phone numbers and other pertinent account information is confidential.  All debtor and other information is, and would remain, the exclusive property of the client.

The Brown Agency will safeguard and hold confidential from disclosure and use to any person or organization, all confidential information received from its clients, agents or employees.

Additionally, all associates are required to sign a “Statement of Policies” and a “Non-Disclosure Agreement.”  Copies of the signed documents are maintained in the employee personnel files.  The “Statement of Policies” document outlines the company’s policy regarding confidentiality, third party disclosure, client communications, consumer contact, and specific FDCPA requirements.  Violation of either agreement results in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.